ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Michelle Wolf's The Break is an essential new TV comedy. We need more of it.


It’s a great experience to watch a TV show miraculously becomeitself. The Break with Michelle Wolf arrived on Netflix in June already brimming with confidence. The host was coming off an astounding performance at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a real burn-this-mother-to-the-grounding for the ages. But initial episodes of The Break had the usual early-going late-night quality, scattershot gags, guest bits that somehow felt overly rehearsed and badly improvised.

And then The Break hit a new gear on July 15, in an episode titled “Sincere and Angry.” In her monologue, Wolf mentioned George Clooney’s motorcycle crash, riffing about how Clooney played Batman in Batman & Robin. “We don’t make fun of him enough for that!” she said. Well, to be fair, even Clooney makes fun of Batman & Robin too much — but shut up, Franich, she’s getting to the good stuff. “He’s the Hillary Clinton of Batmans,” Wolf said. “Perfect on paper, disappointing in reality, and nipples always rock hard.”

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